What to Wear to a Summer Party

Male readers, apologies: today’s post is for the ladies.

Ladies, let’s talk summer party outfits!
beach romper

 A couple of days ago I went to the beach and as I walked through the sand with sandals in hand, I realized that my beach outfit was actually perfect for a garden summer party, and decided right then and there to wear it to my party.

The Outfit

Meet my favorite romper.
white romper

It’s a basic shorts romper, white background and colorful flowers at the bottom. It can be used strapless or with a thin strap around the neck, and it’s basically perfect for a summer party.

It’s cute, fresh and proper; it covers all the important bits and won’t fly away leaving naked flesh in its wake (as dresses and skirts are bound to do).

I’d definitely recommend it to everyone apart from one tiny issue.

It’s technically a kids romper. And by technically, I mean it definitely is. It’s a romper that was bought in the kids section of a clothing store (Lion of Porches, to be specific).

Here’s the thing, I’m not remotely thin or waifish, but I am short (1.62 meters or 5.3 feet), so the biggest children sizes fit me like a glove. A good portion of my closet is made of children’s dresses and cardigans and skirts and shirts, which means henceforth most of my outfit posts will probably contain some kiddy stuff.

Which doesn’t mean we can’t try to find similar outfits for normal sized women!

Adult (no, not like that) Alternatives

White Strapless Rompers

Since my romper is basically a strapless white romper, I scoured the web searching for similar ones. Here’s what I found at various price points.

None of them have the flower details, but I think quite a few are similar enough that I’d get them for myself! (My favorites are the ones from Forever21 and Topshop.)

Other Rompers

If you want to go with a romper that isn’t white, that can also be accommodated. Here’s a mix of floral and block colors.

 (Sidenote, I’ve had that first J.Crew romper in my basket for a couple of days, I’m gonna take the plunge any minute now. Scallops are just so fun, y’all!)


Because going barefoot will destroy my feet, and wearing heels on grass will destroy the heels, I’m personally going to pair a pair of flat leather sandals that have gold accents.

Runner Ups were my white sandals (they’re the ones I’m holding in the beach picture, my DKNY sandals that I take absolutely everywhere during the summer months), or my brown sandals that aren’t tied in the back.

Here are some similar ones.

Voila, a simple outfit for a chilled party

Here you have it, ladies, my suggestions on what to wear to a garden summer party. A stylish but easy to wear romper, and a pair of flat sandals that will compliment it nicely and not kill your feet!

Tell me, what would you wear to a summer party?


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