Healthy Vegan Tortilla Pizza Recipe

Our Healthy Snack of the day is Pizza. Vegan Tortilla Pizza, to be precise.

I know what you’re thinking, reader. Pizza? Really? Am I really making pizza on a week of healthy snacks? Does that really fit in the theme?

The answer is yes, yes it does. Just because something tastes and looks good, doesn’t mean it also can’t be good for you.

(That and I love pizza so damn much I just had to find a way to make it a healthy snack!)

If you well remember, this isn’t my first crack at a healthy pizza; during my Rainbow run I made a Rainbow Veggie Pizza that was as colorful as it was delicious. But that pizza, though lovely, was laborious (so much veggie cutting), not super healthy (because of the pizza dough), not vegan (since I used regular mozzarella cheese), and too heavy to be considered a snack.

So, I had to go to my infamous recipe notebook and look for substitutes.

I eat pizza so very often (at least once a week), that I have a truckload of different recipes for it. Tortilla Pizza seemed like my best shot at a healthy snack.

Healthy snacks: It’s all about the ingredients

Like everything in life, making pizza healthy is all about substitutions.

Pizza dough – Multigrain tortilla

Tomato sauce – Tomato sauce (low sodium and less of it)

Mozzarella cheese – Vegan cheese

Multiple toppings – Arugula

Using tortillas makes pizza lighter and healthier, and sprinkling just arugula on top after it’s cooked reduces the manual labor by 90%.

Already, this Pizza is a winning snack. But what makes it really special, and healthy, for me, is the cheese.

vegan cheese
Hello friend, where have you been all my life?

This, ladies and gents, is the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had in my entire goshdarned life. It’s called Violife for Pizza Organic, and it’s the proof that the vegans sold their souls to someone at some point because it’s an impossibility of a product.

It’s free from lactose, gluten, dairy, GMO, preservatives, and soy. The thing is basically coconut oil and flavoring, and yet it tastes and melts exactly like normal cheese, how is this possible God?!

My awesome vegan cousin (shout out to A., I love you cousin, thank you for the cheese!) introduced this brand and this cheese specifically to me a while back, and I’m basically addicted. All the greatness of melted cheese but none of the lactose and fat?

Sign me the hell up!

From prep to plate in 15 minutes

vegan tortilla pizza
Seriously, look at how beautifully melted that cheese is!

Like most of my recipes, this is a quick and painless snack.

You just brush the tortilla with tomato sauce, shredding the vegan cheese on top of it. 10 minutes in an 180 degree Celcius oven until the cheese is all gooey and delicious and then decorate the pizza with fresh arugula.

Somewhere out there, Italians are cursing my name for desecrating one of their national dishes. I’m sorry Italy, but at least I didn’t put pineapple on it?

Delicious, Vegan, Easy, Fulfilling. Everything a snack should be!

Healthy Vegan Tortilla Pizza

Vegan Tortilla Pizza: a quick and healthy vegan snack.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Sara A.


  • tortillas wholegrain or multigrain
  • tomato sauce
  • vegan cheese we use Violife for Pizza Organic
  • arugula



  1. Brush tortillas with tomato sauce.

  2. Shred vegan cheese and sprinkle it on top of the tortillas.

  3. Cook in an 180 degree Celcius oven for 10 minutes or until the borders of the pizza are crunchy and the cheese is melted.

  4. Add arugula leaves on top of the tortilla pizza.


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