Two Weeks Of

Two Weeks Of: a story of Re-branding

Welcome to Two Weeks Of, everyone!

That’s right, it took me a little over two weeks to figure out that a whole month was an impossible constraining period of time. Who wants to read about the same thing for 30 whole days?

No one, that’s who.

As such, 1 Month Of has become 2 Weeks Of. More freedom, more subjects, more content, less annoyed Sara. It’s a win-win-win-win situation!

(Also, yes, it took me two weeks to rebrand to 2 Weeks. Don’t you love the irony of it all?)

So we finished 2 Weeks Of Ladurée Savory! (And then had a brief intermission for the sake of website changing.) Up next?

Two Weeks Of Rainbow Food!

I know, I know! Rainbow food? What am I, a child?

The answer is yes, yes I am a child, and I’m not ashamed of it.

Why Rainbows?

Besides the fact that they’re ridiculously pretty?

Well, for those of you who don’t know, Pride month is almost ending. My LGBTQ+ peeps have been out and about being wonderful because they can, a freedom that still feels frail and beautiful. Every time I see a rainbow flag I can’t help but smile and think about my friends, my uncles, all the people who are celebrating in all corners of the world.

Pride month is a happy and colorful occasion, and I can’t help but be happy and joyful.

Thus rainbows. Thus rainbow food.

The Background

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t my first rainbow rodeo.

A few years back, the rainbow cake craze began and I made more than a few rainbow cakes for family members.

It became sort of a specialty, really. An easy but impressive looking cake that most people will coo at and everyone will love.

Over the years, I got pretty good at handling food coloring. Yet, I never went further than cake batter, never found out what else I could rainbow.

That’s all about to change.





The challenge:

Two weeks, over a dozen variants of rainbow colored food, as creative and colorful as I can come up with.

Let the food coloring flow and the rainbow food begin!


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