Rainbow Jell-O

Jell-O is one of those things that I instinctively knew was extremely rainbowable (I’m really going all out with this rainbowing of words, aren’t I?). I mean, gelatin already comes in basically all the colors of the rainbow, so the question was never about whether or not I could, but how?

Jell-O Basics

Everyone knows how to make Jell-O, right? Dissolve the powder in warm water, then add cold water, stick it in the fridge until properly gellified? It was the first recipe I learned how to make because my mom was fairly sure I couldn’t muck it up (joke’s on her, cause I remember burning myself with boiling water somewhere along the way).

For the rainbow parade, I picked up Jell-O of the proper colors in the following flavors:

Purple – Blueberry (SO DAMN TASTY)

Green – Tutti Frutti

Yellow – Pinneaple

Orange – Orange (so original)

Red – Strawberry

I couldn’t find blue Jell-O, so I dyed colorless gelatin blue with food coloring and added a few drops of lemon extract. Instant lemon blue jelly!

The Rainbowing

Initially, I thought I’d make a nice layered rainbow. As in drip every layer individually and let it solidify before adding the next.

No joke. That is a thing that went through my mind. And then I tried it. I seriously tried it.

Only took me two hours and a couple of failed layers to give up. Too time-consuming.

My second technique, the one I’m recommending, worked much better.

I let the Jell-O set in the different bowls and once it was set I shredded it with a fork (and my clean hands, if we’re being honest). Then I layered the shredded Jell-O in glasses for a prettier presentation.

Final Result:

Nice looking rainbow, isn’t it? After a while the different colored Jell-Os sort of melted into each other, so the end result wasn’t so much a bunch of Jell-O cubes mixed together, but a sort of multi-colored single Jell-O glass.

As for the flavors? Six flavors of Jell-O mixed together are awesomely intense and the summeriest thing I’ve eaten this year.

Rainbow Jell-O: officially my new must recipe for summer parties!





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Rainbow Jell-O
A refreshing mix of color and flavors, perfect for summer parties!
  • Purple Jell-O
  • Blue Jell-O
  • Green Jell-O
  • Yellow Jell-O
  • Orange Jell-O
  • Red Jell-O
  • Water
1. Set out 6 bowls, and dissolve the Jell-O in hot water according to the packages’ instructions.2. Put bowls in the fridge and let the Jell-O cool until set.3. When the Jell-O is set, shred it individually (by hand or with a fork).4. Spoon Jell-O into the serving recipients by color.

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