Rainbow Intermission: Cotton Candy

I have long since decided that Sunday is meant to be a fun day! It’s the day of the Lord, it’s a day of family, so it should also be a day of fun.

With that in mind, I didn’t come up with any recipe, but an experiment!

A Rainbow Experiment! (capitalized for effect)

Can You Make Rainbow Cotton Candy?

The Ingredients

Since I happen to have a cotton candy machine (because I’m a child), I don’t have to try to make spun sugar, and the only ingredient I need is crystal sugar.

Since we’re making Rainbow Cotton Candy, I need Rainbow Sugar.

The Experiment

The Final Result

As you can see, Rainbow Cotton Candy was a no go. The colors smushed together and only one color showed up, a nice teal shade.

Cute, but definitely not a rainbow.

Close Up

I guess you can see the colors super up close? Still not a rainbow.

I’m declaring this experiment a fail. A delicious, delicious fail.

(What? I still ate the whole thing. Just because it’s not rainbow doesn’t mean it’s not delicious!)

The Clean Up

Yes, everything green is melted sugar. Stuck to plastic. That I now have to clean.

*deep breath* Wish me luck!


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