Rainbow Cheese Pastries

Dear reader, do you remember the wonderful ginger potato packets that the Ladurée Savory taught me to do a couple of weeks ago? The delicious little potato wraps that looked like candy and tasted delicious?

Because I have. They have been haunting my dreams. It was inevitable that I’d try rainboing them.

This time around, though, I didn’t want to make them potato again, mainly because I have no idea how well they’d color, so instead, I went with my BFF: cheese.

Wanting to create a cheesy mixture that would melt, but not fall apart, I went with fresh mozzarella, shredded cheddar, and shredded dry mozzarella. The process of making the cheese paste is simple: smash the three kinds of cheese together with a fork, divide them among six bowls and color the mixtures by adding a few drops of food coloring and mixing it together.



Then it’s just dropping spoonfuls of the mix in rectangles of filo dough and brushing the edges with butter.



And folding the dough around the cheese like a candy wrapper, twisting the ends.







Until you have a tray or two full of candy looking cheese.

Don’t they just look lovely? And colorful? AND RAINBOW, HELL YES, I CAN RAINBOW ANYTHING!!!

Now, baking them in the preheated oven is a time sensitive thing. The cheese is meant to be melted and the dough is meant to be baked and golden around the edges, but this happens in a few minutes. Around 5 minutes is a safe bet, but if you leave them in the oven for much longer, then the pastries will explode and colorful cheese will leak EVERYWHERE!

Yes, this is the voice of experience talking, please trust aunty Sara that exploded cheese rainbows are a sad sad sight.

This is the perfect level of done (achieved after 5/6 minutes):

Cheesy melted goodness.

Ideally, these pastries are meant to be served straight from the oven, while the cheese is still gooey and the filo pastry crunchy; it’s peak deliciousness.

However, if you wait a bit and display them like actual candy thusly:

They’ll still be pretty tasty, if a little less melted.

Another win for Rainbow Cheese!

Rainbow Cheese Pastries

Rainbow Candy? Better, Rainbow Cheese Pastries SHAPED like candy.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 20 pastries
Author Sara A.


  • 1 packet filo dough
  • 150 grams fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 100 grams cheddar cheese
  • 100 grams dry mozzarella cheese
  • food coloring
  • butter melted


  1. Preheat the oven to 180oCelcius.

  2. Mix the three types of cheese until they form a paste.

  3. Separate the cheeses into six bowls; add food coloring to each bowl and mix until the cheese mixture is a uniform color.

  4. Unfold the filo dough and cut it into rectangles. Spoon the cheese paste into each rectangle, then brush the edges of the dough with melted butter.

  5. Fold the filo dough over the cheese mix, twisting the edges and making a candy wrapper.

  6. Place the cheese candies in the preheated oven tray and bake them in the oven for 5 minutes or until the edges are brown.

Recipe Notes

Serve hot.


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