Ladurée Savory Challenge

 How It All Began

 Have you ever bought a cookbook and never done anything with it?

Picture this: Paris in the Spring.

A few months ago I visited a friend who has been living in Paris for going on a year. For a few days, we walked around Paris sightseeing, eating lovely French food, and shopping. (So much shopping.) It was during one shopping incursion, to Galeries Lafayette, that we saw the one.

The cover was velvety soft, the pictures inside glossy, and the recipes… Intricate. Savory, not the regular sweet stuff Ladurée is known for. It was perfect. I needed it with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

Somehow (because my friend physically pried me away from it), I managed to resist the urge.

Until I got to the airport alone, when I proceeded to buy it the second I saw the Ladurée counter. Willpower, who needs that? I stroked the book cover the whole flight home.

How did we go from “Hey, I bought a cookbook!” to “I WILL MAKE A RECIPE EVERY DAY!!!”

The simple answer is, no one thought I’d do it.

It’s not that no one liked the book, everyone I showed it to loved it, but the recipes were “Too complicated for real life”. It’s one of the things about French food, I guess, how complex they look at first sight. Apart from quiche Lorraine, no one I know eats anything French on a daily basis. Thus, my book was deemed a lovely coffee book table that no one would ever use in a practical manner.

I stewed on this for two months. And then I decided to make a blog about it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, dear reader. “Sara, did you really create a blog just to prove everyone wrong?”

Yes. Yes, I did.

This blog is half “I CAN DO THIS!” and half “It might be interesting.” I’ve been writing fiction as a hobby for years, but I’ve never done anything close to blogging. I didn’t see a reason to, didn’t have a purpose.

Now I do. Monthly challenges. First one? Make French food or be embarrassed in all of the internet while trying.



The Challenge

1 month, 30 Ladurée Savory recipes, me (who has never cooked French food before in her life).

Should be fun!

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