Summer Party Drinks: Homemade Fruity Ice

We’re reaching the end of what my summer party prep advice, and today I bring you my favorite low effort summer drink, made with one key ingredient.



But not just any ice, no. Today, we go into the wonderfulness that is fruity ice (and how easy it to make summer drinks with it).

Fruity Ice

At the end of every summer, I make mental math and am appalled at how many liters of soft drinks I’ve ingested over a few months. It’s laziness, honestly, to just chuck a few cans of bubbly things in the fridge and then reach for them when I’m super thirsty.

Trying to change this, I realized at the beginning of this summer, I started making fruit lemonades and waters and realized that, when perfectly chilly, they quenched my thirst as well, if not better, than store bought soft drinks.

The only issue I had was how insanely annoying and time-consuming it was to prep a lemonade from scratch every time I wanted to drink it, and how room temperature it ended up being each time.

After much pondering, I came up with the perfect fix for both of these issues: fruity ice!

How to Make Fruity Ice

Basically, I realized that if I juiced a bunch of my favorite fruits and froze them, I’d have fruity ice cubes every time I wanted to make a refreshing fruity water, and because they’re frozen, they cubes will chill my water while giving it flavor.

The ultimate healthy win-win!

To make these pallets of fruity ice, I grabbed a bunch of different types of fruits and reduced them to liquid form. For some (the citruses) that meant juicing and sieving them (very important for the type of ice bags I used), while for others (strawberries and watermelon) it meant blending and adding some water.

After having my liquid fruits, I simply poured them into disposable ice making plastic bags, stuck them in the freezer and a few hours later…

Fruity Ice!

Types of Fruity Ice

Grapefruit – juiced and sieved.

fruit ice grapefruit

Lemon – juiced and sieved. fruit ice lemon

Lime – juiced and sieved.

fruit ice lime

Orange Juice – juiced and sieved.

fruit ice orange

Strawberry – blended, water added.

fruit ice strawberry

Watermelon – blended.

Go Forth and Make and Mix Fruity Ice

The great thing about this ice is that the combination possibilities are endless. If you can juice or blend a fruit, you can probably make ice with it, which then allows you to mix it with other ice flavors.

In my household, strawberry lemonade is a family favorite, but we’ve also grown to love citrus lemonade (lime, orange, and lemon), and watermelon limeade (watermelon and lime). My suggestion is: make a bunch of different fruity ices and get to mixing!


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