2 Weeks Of Healthy Summer Snacks

Howdy reader, how are you doing this fine morning? I woke up feeling wonderful and refreshed and…

Actually, that’s not totally accurate. I woke up feeling kinda terrible. After 2 Weeks of Laduree Food and 2 Weeks of Rainbow Food, I have ingested more heavy cream, cheese, and food coloring in a few weeks than I should have in a year. I need a reset, I need healthy food, I need…

2 Weeks Of Healthy Summer Snacks

That’s right, my cheese-loving family and I need a break. Summer is officially here and food needs to be lighter than I normally make it. Our main meals are about to include a lot more raw greens and lean meats and rethink our entire snacking menu.

I have a notebook full of healthy snacks that I’m normally too lazy to make, but that is all about to change. I’m going to go over my recipes, pick the best ones, and cook my family back to health!

(Goodbye caramel popcorn, goodbye frosted cakes, goodbye English scones, I will see you all in the winter times where our bodies need more calories and our stomachs feel better.)

english scones




My favorite scone recipe (which I will eventually share on this blog because the scones are to die for). I will see you soon, my friends!

I will see you soon, my friends!




So that’s our next 2 weeks, healthy summer snacks that I have refound and my family has reloved. Our snacks, y’all…

Our snacks are about to become epic. Epically Healthy and Summery and Delicious!

(You can tell I’m excited when I start capitalizing Everything For Effect!)

Stick around and subscribe on the box to your right to receive daily updates. The next 2 weeks of our lives are going to be full of healthy summer snacks that will be good for us and delight our palates!


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