Goop’s Chicken Soup aka My New Favorite Comfort Food

I’m a visual person, and as such tend to make recipes that have pictures. A recipe can be amazing, but if the cookbook or website doesn’t provide an illustration then I’m generally out.


It’s All Good’s version of Chicken Soup and Kale + Carrots does not come with a picture, but curiosity got the best of me and I still made it.


I’m so, but so glad I did, because I got a new favorite comfort food!


Chicken soup


I’ve always been fascinated by chicken soup, or more accurately, American chicken soup. I have family in Boston and they always talk about chicken soup like it’s the cure to everything. Got the flu? Chicken soup. Stomach problems? Chicken soup. Heartache? Chicken soup. Fear of nuclear anihalation? Chicken soup.


My country has its own version of chicken soup; it involves boiling a whole chicken in olive oil water and putting eggs and little pasta in it. It’s delicious, but it’s also greasy and a little bland. It also cures no evils.


Hence why, when I saw the chicken soup recipe, I had to try it, pictures be damned. Let’s see how Gwyneth and Julia make their healthy chicken soup.



The Ingredients



1 chicken (organic, of course)
Celery stalk
Carrots (not pictures because I didn’t have them when I was making the stock)

Bay Leaf
Sea Salt

Turnip Greens (the recipe calls for kale, but again, still not a thing in my country.)
Parsley (I misread the instructions and thought parsley was there. It is not. I still used quite a bit of it so *shrug*)




This recipe is so easy the instructions on the Cookbook are only a paragraph long.


1. Combine all ingredients in a pot.



2. Cover them in water.


Is this pot too small? Yes, yes it is.


3. Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, let it cook for 2 hours.



4. Remove chicken. Roughly chop it. (The recipe says to either add only the breasts or the whole thing, so I went with the whole thing.)




5. Strain the soup. Toss away the vegetables.



6. Add the chicken, turnip greens and sliced carrots. Cook for 20 minutes.



Voi-freaking-la. Chicken soup.


Chicken soup


Final Thoughts


It’s delicious. Legitimately delicious. The inclusion of the greens and different seasonings give this soup so much more flavor than I ever thought a chicken soul could ever had. My family fell in love and immediately demanded more, so I guess more is in my future.


The only thing I’d change about it (besides the cooking time, because over two hours is too damn long)? I’d add little pasta, and I’m going to have to next time I make it.


It gives the soup more texture and I know that with this addition it’ll be the perfect comfort food.


10/10 would recommend. I’m actually going to go out on a limb here and say that this recipe alone is worth the Cookbook price. I’m in awe and I’m well fed and that is worth the money.


Until tomorrow when I make some vegan food that will (hopefully) be just as delicious as this soup!


Sara A.



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