Goodbye Summer Wardrobe

Between the time I started writing about saying goodbye to summer and right now, the temperatures went down something like 10 degrees Celcius.

While it helps definitely helps my blogging, it also means I’m for real saying goodbye to my summer clothes.

I… Was not ready for this.

green sundress summer clothes

2017 was a good year for my Summer wardrobe

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but my style changes every so slightly every year, so what I wore this summer only bears a slight resemblance to what I wore last summer. Last summer I was all about clean lines and linen dresses, while this year…

These were my Summer 2017 staples.

1. Structured Summer Dresses (With Pretty Open Backs)

floral summer dress


floral open back summer clothes dress

Anyone surprised this is a kid’s dress? Yeah, me neither. Zara Kids, Summer collection of 2017. It’s got the perfect length, has the cutest print, and a lovely open back and cutout in the front that make it very 2017.

I wore structured dresses most of the summer, most of them floral, but some in fun prints (I have a bird one that’s especially unique).

These dresses definitely aren’t transitional, so I’m really saying goodbye to them. *Sniff*

2. Pleated Skirts

blue pleated skirt crop top

Pleated skirts are a year round thing for me, but I have a section in summer fabrics that can’t be layered with tights, so they’re going back into the wardrobe after I finish typing this. I normally pair them with crop tops because it’s the classiest way to wear a crop top.

This specific skirt was made by a seamstress since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in store at the time, but I looked up now and found a few worthy substitutes in various colors and fabrics.

3. Relaxed J. Crew Shorts


summer relaxed clothes andy warhol top j.crew shorts

Shorts are one of my only Summer pieces that I wear year long (mostly because I don’t wear pants and sometimes you need something other than a skirt or dress). They can be paired with everything you can think of, but for summer I usually go with t-shirts and tank tops. Pictured above is my favorite tank top of all time, a cheeky homage to one of my favorite artists from Pepe Jeans.

J. Crew chino shorts in 4″ and 5″ are the only shorts I wear (great material, perfect fit), and I cannot recommend them enough for anyone looking for shorts that come in different colors and lengths.

4. Accessories

daniel wellington watch tous pearl bracelets

My current staple watch (Daniel Wellington in silver) + pearl bracelets (from Tous) = Summer accessories that go with literally everything.

Summer clothes, I bid you adieu.

I will see (some of) you next year!

Sara A.



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