Goodbye Summer Countryside Days

Now that I’ve covered the books and movies I loved this summer, it’s time to say goodbye to the rest of my summer.

Today I say goodbye to my summer days spent in the countryside and all that they entail.

Dressing for the Countryside (Sara Style)

First of all, isn’t my dress lovely? Ralph Lauren Kids, size 16, double lined, pockets, literal perfection.

(I wasn’t joking when I said most of my wardrobe comes from the kid section. Like I’d ever find a dress that cute in the adult part of the store.)

Practical it is not, but adorable it most certainly is. My outfits generally go for Pinterest-perfect instead of practical. I mean, flowers in the countryside? Too perfect. The leather sandals? Comfy. The pearls? A must. This is roughly what most of my summer countryside hikes looked like and I regret nothing.

If you like the look but are normal person sized, here’s some similar dresses I found on the interwebs.

Countryside Activites

As you can imagine, I’m not the most outdoorsy active type, so, on top of general hiking, leisurely walking, smelling flowers, I love to do two things when I go into the woods.

1. Look at the flora of the place we visit (and try not to take everything home with me).


(I am aware it is only September, but guys, mistletoe! Magical, beautiful, Christmasy mistletoe!)

2. Reading.

I mean, hey, I finished On The Road later that day, so…

Happiness really is in the simple things.

Picnic Choices

If you go full countryside, the middle of nowhere type of deal my family likes, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a restaurant or diner or place that will serve you food.

Instead, what I suggest, and what we normally do, is pack a blanket, light spread, and some bottles of water, and have a picnic.

countryside summer picnic
A store bought picnic; somewhere my dead great grandma is scowling at me.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m away from my kitchen (*sob*), so I was limited almost exclusively to store-bought goods.

In my goodbye picnic, I packed mini pizzas, chips, whole wheat bread, butter cookies (that I actually made and frosted before leaving home!), popcorn, marshmallows, apples, and grapes. Not the healthiest stuff, but it was good for a hearty lunch.

If you want to go a bit fancier and make your own picnic goodies, here are some excellent sources for recipes:

Country and Living’s 90 Delicious Picnic Recipes

Good Food’s Picnic Recipes

Jamie Oliver’s Picnic Ideas

Bon Appetit’s 30 Easy and Portable Picnic Recipes

Food Network’s 60 Best Recipes for a Summer Picnic

I’m already saving some of them for next year’s picnic!

Goodbye Summer Countryside walks, I’ll miss you terribly.

I’ll see you next year,

Sara A.


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