Apple Crumble and Apple Toast; 2 Fall Apple Recipes

Who is ready for some apple recipes?

What do you mean, my 2 Weeks are up? Oooooh, yeah, I started a new job and time totally flew by. I still have a couple of Fall Food recipes to share, though, so 2 Weeks are going to be 3 Weeks this time.

We play it fast and loose on this blog. Rulebreakers.

On to the apples!



In a previous post, we established that Fall is apple season. (I am still somehow surprised by this information.) And fact is that during Fall I tend to make apple recipes more often than, say, during summer. There’s just something about warm apples and cinnamon that is extremely soothing.

My top favorite apple recipe is a caramel apple pie dessert that my best friend makes for Thanksgiving every year. It’s a concoction she created taking bits from a handful of recipes, and it’s honestly the most perfect Disney shit I’ve ever seen and tasted.

However, it deals with multiple crusts and waiting periods, and for everyday apple consumption ain’t nobody got time for that. So here are the two apple recipes I actually make on the regular during fall.


Apple Crumble

apple crumble

Apple Crumble Recipe

A crunchy and sweet apple dessert that can be made under half an hour with basic ingredients everyone will have at home.

Author Sara A.


  • 2 parts Apples
  • 1 part Butter cold
  • 1 part Sugar white or half white half brown
  • 1 part Flour
  • Cinnamon (optional)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celcius. Butter an oven safe dish.

  2. Core, peel and slice apples. Spread them on the bottom of the dish 

  3. Mix flour and sugar, then add the butter. Mix together until butter is crumbled with the other ingredients. Add on top of the apple until the fruit is covered.

  4. Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top of the crumble. Bake in a pre-heated oven until the top is cooked and golden (20 minutes for a small dish, 40 minutes for a big one). 

  5. Serve warm, by itself or with vanilla ice-cream.

Recipe Notes

Note 1. If you like a fine texture to your crumble, mix the butter quickly and with a metal instrument. If you prefer a coarse crumble, you can use your hands, since the heat will melt the butter and help form larger clumps.

Note 2. You can add berries to the apples for an apple crumble with a twist.

Here’s what this beauty looks like before it bakes.

apple crumble

And here’s after.

apple crumble

Now, if you’re a normal person, you’ll bake this until the top is golden and pretty, but if you have my family, you basically charr the thing, because that’s how they like it.

I live to serve, and sometimes I serve things that are on the verge of being burned. Such is life.


Apple Toast

apple toast

A part of me is almost ashamed of sharing this recipe because it’s the actual laziest thing. My mom came up with this when she wanted apple pie but didn’t have the patience to make it, and we’ve been making on the regular ever since.

Apple Toast Recipe

For those times where you're not in the mood to deal with doughs but still want some apple goodness, apple toast is the answer!

Author Sara A.


  • Apples
  • Sandwich Bread
  • Butter
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon (optional)


  1. Butter one side of the sandwich bread.

  2. Core, peel, and thinly slice apples. Display the slices on top of the buttered bread.

  3. Sprinkle sugar (and cinnamon if you so desire) on top of the apples.

  4. Place slices in the oven and broil them until the bread is crunchy and the sugar has caramelized.

  5. Eat warm.

apple toast

The whole thing takes a couple of minutes to make, but it’s still damn delicious and it fills up that apple pie craving I sometimes have really well.

To laziness and the delicious recipes it leads to!


Happy apple season, dear reader!


Sara A.




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