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Happy 2019 people of the internet!

New year, new blog layout, new hair color, new books, new Sara A.

It has been brought to my attention that my blog, lovely as I like to think it is, is somewhat bereft of me. In the spirit of the new year, of trying new things and being a more open and happy version of myself, I’m going to try to change that, starting with a little New Year blog update.

2018 was a strange year for me.

2018 was the year where my seasonal depression had me barely able to move for months at a time, my job fell apart so monumentally I was forced to quit, my family had such serious health problems I’m still surprised we didn’t have to plan any funerals.

2018 was also the year where I wrote a new book, for the first time in years, where my friends got engaged and had babies, where I ran away to London and decided my life needed a shakeup. It was the first year I felt like a proper adult, even as I made mistakes, even as I stumbled into the right decisions.

2018, for all its faults and burdens, made me a better me.

Thus, I start 2019 with renewed energy; I’m taking vitamin D and spending time outside (suck it, seasonal depression), I’m forging my new path, and I’m spending more time with my family. I’m also, hopefully, dedicating more time to this blog.

I’m determined to make 2019 the year I finally make 2WeeksOf happen more often (hopefully, every two weeks). 2018 was a bad year for my blog (15 posts in a year is an embarrassment), but 2019 will be better (seriously, it has to be, 15 posts, what the hell?).

A new theme every two weeks, posts out on Sunday. Sounds doable.

Since I realized while covering the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy that I love reviewing fiction (and I have books I won’t read unless I have a reason to), this year I’m going to review both non-fiction (in the form of lifestyle and cookbooks) and fiction (novels and comic books and everything in between). There’s a pile of unread books as high as my dresser and I can’t wait to start reviewing them all.

Happy New Year, people of the internet. Let’s make 2019 count.


Sara A.


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