Ladurée’s Blinis

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Does anyone have awesome Sunday plans? I started my sunny Sunday by having actual brunch out with a friend, which was delightful.

Then I came home and cooked more brunch food. Luckily, it’s the last brunch dish of the Challenge, I might be overdosing on brunch soon. Starting to rethink yesterday’s statement, a full month of brunch might be a bit much.

(I’m totally gonna do it.)

Today’s wonderful Ladurée Savory dish is…



Blinis are one of those foods I’ve only ever seen on TV but never actually tried. They look like little fluffy pancakes, which I am so here for.

The wonderful Ladurée Savory Cookbook has two recipes for blinis, same base, different toppings, like the scrambled eggs. As always, though, I can’t find the recipes for one of them (where in God’s green earth would I find taramasalata? Apart from Greece, and apparently, France), so I’m only going to make one of them.

On today’s brunch menu: Blini au saumon d’Écosse “Prestige” fume au bois d’aulne (Blini with Alder-Smoked Scottish Salmon).



The first thing about this recipe is that there are looooong periods of waiting. I’m talking 14 hours total, first 2 hours and then 12. No offense, Ladurée, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Instead, I did the whole recipe through. Took me maybe half an hour, so not bad time savings!

Preparing the batter was super easy.

Step 1: dissolving the active dry yeast in milk.

(Here’s where the first 2-hour break would be. No.)

Step 2.1: beating the egg yolks in the milk

Step 2.2: incorporating the sifted flour into the mix until it’s smooth.

(Here’s where the 12-hour break would be. Hell no.)

Step 3 involved beating the egg whites with the salt until they were stiff. I used an electric mixer for that, because lazy. Then I folded the milk/egg yolk/flour mix into it, as gently as I could. The end result looked airy and fluffy. So far so good!

Step 4 is where I ran into trouble, because of course I did.

I don’t have a blini pan. Until today, I didn’t even know that was a thing that existed. So I had to be creative. Let’s run through my various failures.


Attempt 1 – normal pan, little plastic cookie cutter.

Result – abject failure. Couldn’t flip it, burned on the only side it cooked. Melted the bottom of the cutter. Failure. NEXT!





Attempt 2 – Pancake pan.

Result – looked alright in the beginning, but then the batter stuck and burned on both sides and it just looked sad.







Attempt 3

Easiest one turned out to be the right choice. Just dropped some batter in the pan. Like a lazy boss.

Result – too large blinis, but perfectly cooked and reasonably high. Fluffy, edible, presentable. Success!





To plate, I cut them with the semi ruined cookie cutter, and they looked hella cute. I also cut the smoked salmon and some cheddar cheese (blasphemy, I know, but it’s very tasty cheese), placed the slices on top of the blinis and added a drop of heavy cream on top of them.

Final results:


Level of difficulty: 4 out of 10, as decided by me. (Only because of the lack of proper pan, because without the pan issues it’d be an easy 2 out of 10.)

Level of yumminess: 7 out of 10, as attributed by the fam. The blini itself was a little bland but was saved by the salmon and cheese.

Tomorrow: new week, new meal!

Community question

Now that brunch is over, what’s your favorite brunch staple? Pancakes are still my go to favorite. Nothing can beat pancakes in my book. SORRY LADURÉE, I STILL LOVE YOU!

See you tomorrow, dear readers!


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