Ladurée’s Cheese and Green Vegetable Millefeuille

The last chapter of the Ladurée book is appropriately called: Supper. It’s a mix and match of easy egg-based dishes, elaborate pastries, and carpaccios. Simple things to eat before bed, you see.

Wanting to end my Ladurée run with something decidedly French, I turned to page 360 and made a Millefeuille au chèvre frais et legumes verts, or Goat Cheese and Green Vegetable Millefeuille (Napoleon).

Like almost everything else I made during this Challenge, it was a surprisingly easy recipe.


  • Puff pastry packet
  • Fresh Goat Cheese
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Zucchini
  • Small Green Peas
  • Snow Peas
  • Gelatin sheet
  • Crystal Salt
  • White Pepper


1.       Puff Pastry

2.      Vegetables

3.      Cheese


1.       Puff Pastry

The recipe itself recommends that you buy puff pastry (because who has the time to make that by hand?), so I did just that.

Unpacking the dough, I cut it into small rectangles, prickled it with a fork, and cooked it between baking sheets in the oven for maybe 20 minutes.

The cooking between baking sheets part prevented it from growing as much as it normally does, so it’s a great tip!

2.      Vegetables

The vegetable part of this conundrum wasn’t as much hard as it was tedious. Each of the vegetables had to be diced, boiled in salted water for a few, and placed in ice water.

I was tempted to cook them all at the same time, but since the vegetables need to remain crunchy and they all have different ideal cooking times… I couldn’t lazy it out, so I did it as the book ordered.

This step took an enormous 45 minutes. I was not a happy camper.

3.      Cheese

The cheese part brought me back to happiness. The gelatin leaf had to be softened in cold water, and then dissolved in the warmed cheese.

The recipe asked for me to fry the herbs, but that had never gone well for me, so I skipped it. Afterwards, I folded the vegetables and herbs into the cheese.


Being a layered pastry, the assembly went like this: puff pastry, cheese/vegetable mix, puff pastry, cheese/vegetable mix, puff pastry, parsley for décor.



My first savory millefeuille was everything I always thought Ladurée savory food would be: intricate, light, delicious. It was a tasty dish that was simpler than it looked, and made me feel both accomplished and fulfilled.

Ladurée, thank you for this millefeuille and thank you for the awesome eats.

Final Rating:

Level of difficulty: 3 out of 10.

Level of yumminess: 7 out of 10.


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