Ladurée’s Potatoes with Iberian Ham

Hey there dear reader! How are you this fine Saturday? Too hot? ‘Cause I’m too hot, my country is experiencing a blazing summer before the season officially begins, which has been… Fun.

In retrospect, my dish of the day was a high-calorie poor choice, but it’s also something I have been wanting to make since before the challenge began, so…

The recipe of the day belongs to the Evening at the Ladurée Bar chapter (a fun concept): Pommes de terre Belle de Fontenay au jambon ibérique, or Potatoes with Iberian Ham, page 158.

This literally sounds like a French take on the ever so delicious Spanish potatoes with jamón, so I couldn’t not make them!


  • Potatoes
  • Iberian Ham
  • Mascarpone
  • Crystal Salt
  • White Pepper
  • Olive Oil



For once, I actually have easy access to the main star of the show: the Iberian Ham (kinda pains me to refer to it as such, because it’s not ham, not in the traditional sense of the word, but I’m going to play nice and respect the phrasing of the recipe). The only substitution I made was by using mascarpone cheese instead of crème fraiche.


1. Potatoes

2. Iberian Ham


1. Potatoes

I haven’t done a simpler potato recipe in my life: scrubbing and washing the potatoes, boiling them in salted water.

After the potatoes were boiled, I peeled them (and burned my fingertips), and cut them into smaller bits (I went with a round-ish form).

Then it was just a matter of heating the mascarpone and pouring it on top of the potatoes, seasoning with crystal salt and pepper.

2. Iberian Ham

Now, the recipe only said to cut the ham (it’s seriously not ham, though) into small matchsticks, but my not-ham was too thin, so I fried it up first. No other grease, just the ham on a hot skillet.

Have you ever tried fried Iberian Ham before, reader? Because I hadn’t and it was a revelation. I nearly wept.

After frying the ham (and having a religious experience), I did cut whatever I didn’t eat into matchsticks.


A scoop of potatoes with a spoonful of ham sprinkled on top.


For a French dish, today’s recipe was pretty good. Creamy potatoes with crispy jamón? It’s basically magic.

However… I grew up eating the Spanish patatas bravas with jamón, and those are so, but so much better. Better textures, more flavor… It’s just a superior interpretation of the same ingredients.

Sorry Ladurée, but sometimes you can’t beat the original!

Level of difficulty: 2 out of 10.

Level of yumminess: 6 out of 10.


The very last Ladurée recipe!



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