Ladurée’s Curry Red Tuna with Crushed Green Peas

As I was preparing to make the last dinner recipe, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve done a fish Ladurée recipe and I didn’t want to miss out on that. With that in mind, I was delighted when the last Light Dinner recipe used my forever favorite fish and knew I had to do it.

Today’s recipe: Thon rouge à la plancha et curry, écrasée de petits pois, or Grilled Red Tuna with Curry, Crushed Green Peas, page 272.

Recipe Stats

Total cooking time: 15 minutes

Servings: I only made 2, but it’s really a matter of how much tuna you make.


  • Red tuna
  • Peas
  • Salt
  • Curry powder
  • Bacon

Not pictured: olive oil.







This recipe was my mother of all adaptations: I cut a veal trimmings based sauce (WHY WOULD THAT GO ON TOP OF TUNA, LADURÉE???) and dried beef decoration piece (I made my position on decorative food very clear yesterday). I also added bacon to flavor the peas.


  1. Tuna
  2. Peas


1. Tuna

The tuna was the easiest thing in the world to make. I cut the bigger piece of tuna I had in smaller portions, seasoned the pieces with curry powder on all sides, and sealed them in a pan with olive oil.

The tuna is meant to be crispy on the outside, but still red in the center; think medium/rare steak, but in tuna form. The best way to do turn the heat to medium/high, and fry the tuna only a couple of minutes on each side.

Tip: tuna is delicious in this manner, even without the curry powder. No joke, the best way to eat tuna, with a flavor and consistency that matches tenderloin steak.

Highly recommend.

2. Peas

Cook ‘em, mash ‘em. It’s literally that easy.

Since my peas were frozen, I thawed them in the microwave and sautéed them with the bacon in some olive oil for a few minutes.

Not wanting to do manual labor, I removed the bacon and used a blender to smash the peas.


The Ladurée approach didn’t work with me this time, even though I gave it a good go. The crushed pea mixture carefully molded next to the tuna didn’t look great, maybe because I didn’t have the beef jerky horror on top of the peas like the recipe suggested.

Instead, I made a circle of mashed peas around the tuna and decorated it with a cherry tomato and two small pieces of yellow pepper.

Does it look like a bunny? I like to think so. Was it on purpose? No, it wasn’t, but once someone had said it, I couldn’t look at it any differently.

I made a red tuna bunny, and I’m not remotely sorry.

Final Result:


Not my favorite, not my least favorite, this was a middle of the road recipe for me. The mix of the curry and the peas is a little odd, but it was still a pleasant flavor experience.

My family, however, loved this to bits and pieces. I think it was their favorite recipe so far (they think it’s better than the Vol-au-Vent because clearly their taste buds are broken), and I’ve been instructed to make it again sooner rather than later.

Considering how popular curry and other Indian flavors are in my house, I really shouldn’t have been surprised.

In summary: thumbs up. You did it again Ladurée. You did it again.

Level of difficulty: 5 out of 10.

Level of yumminess: 8 out of 10, because my fam made me.


An entirely new meal: Gala Dinner! Wait, what? More dinner? More complicated dinner, at that.

Should be fun!


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