Ladurée’s Club Sandwich

It’s the beginning of a new week and the end of a food chapter; how poetic.

Following the wonder that was Ladurée’s picnic salad, today I’m making something which is much more suited for outside eating: a sandwich. Not any sandwich, though, I’m making the Ladurée signature sandwich, the Club Ladurée, or Ladurée Club Sandwich, page 84 of the holy Ladurée Savory book.

Go big or go home, people!


  • Sliced white bread
  • Bacon
  • Smoked sliced chicken breast
  • Tomatoes
  • Celery (replacing lettuce and mixed salad greens)
  • Crystal saltWhite pepper
  • Mayonnaise (I know it looks like mustard, but it’s honestly fancy mayonnaise)

Not pictured: Lemons and olive oil.

I skipped the boiled egg element altogether to please the masses (aka my family).


  1. Bread
  2. Bacon
  3. Sauce
  4. Greens


1. Bread

Cut the crusts and toast the sliced bread.

2. Bacon

Slice ‘em and fry ‘em. Can’t get any easier than that, with the upside that my kitchen smelled delicious in minutes.

I’m with you so far Ladurée!

3. Sauce

Before this month I had never made vinaigrettes or sauces, but now I do them roughly once a day without batting an eyelash. This time it was just mixing salt and lemon juice, and then add olive oil.

Ladurée what’s happening? This looks too simple for you.

4. Greens

Wash the celery and tomatoes. Slice the tomatoes, season the celery with mayonnaise and the lemon sauce.


Slice of toast, celery, tomato, chicken slice. The recipe says to put the bacon on top of the sandwich for decoration, but I’m calling blasphemy. If you fry bacon, you put the bacon inside your sandwich. It’s the law.

I don’t make the rules, Ladurée, I just follow them.

I kept looking for more steps, but it seems like the recipe is over! Apart from a long Chef’s tip regarding homemade mayonnaise (hard pass), there’s nothing left. We’re done!

Final result:


To my big surprise, this was by far the easiest Ladurée recipe I’ve made thus far, while simultaneously one of the tastiest ones. An easy, delectable sandwich that I’m sure I’ll make time and time again.

And as a bonus, it actually is picnic food. *sings* Nailed it!

Definitely recommend.

Level of difficulty: 1 out of 10, it was just some frying, mixing and assembling.

Level of yumminess: 8 out of 10.


An entire new meal: Dinner!

Or as Ladurée puts it, Light Dinner. I’m torn about it, because on one hand, I’ve seen what Ladurée can consider simple (that damn salad), but since their signature sandwich was deceptively simple…

One way or another, it should be fun 😉


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