2 Weeks Of: Summer Party

It’s a new week, which can only mean one thing: new 2 Weeks Of Subject! This time, instead of focusing on just food, I decided to go over how I plan and execute a party, specifically, a Summer Party.

summer party

(Also, yes, to address the elephant in the room, there was an itsy bitsy intermission while I had to study for my driver’s ed code. Good news, I passed, so now I can dedicate myself to yummy food and party planning!)

Party Planning is My Passion

For reals, though. Somewhere in the list of “Professions I Wish I had”, slotted between Interior Decorator and Professional Organizer, lies the awesome profession that is Party Planner.

I love planning things in general, bringing order to chaos, going over the logistics and how-tos of basically everything you can think of, so it’s no wonder that I love planning a good shindig. It’s food, hanging out with people I love and executing plans, what’s there not to love?

From Spring Luncheons where I make everyone wear homemade flower crowns, to Halloween Mad Hatter Afternoon Teas where blood and gore are the main influences, I’ve thrown some pretty decent themed parties over the years. My organization methods and top notch, and I can throw a pretty decent party on short notice.

I figured, why not share the methods to my madness? Hence…

2 Weeks Of Summer Party Planning

Isn’t Summer the perfect season to throw parties? The sun is out, the day is hot, the Capulets abroad, and if we meet we shall not ’scape a brawl…

Wait, no, wrong play. Anyway, Shakespeare aside, summer days basically beg for summer parties, and I know I’m not alone in having to throw a fair few.

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to detail how to organize a great summer party without going broke or ending up too exhausted to properly enjoy it. I’m going to go through the planning, decor, food, drinks, entertainment, and even outfit choices!

Everything you could possibly need to throw an easy breeze summer party, in just 2 Weeks!


Much Love,

Sara A.


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