2 Weeks Of: Goodbye Summer

Howdy dear reader? Did you miss me?

I’ve been busy taking 2 Weeks Of Rest for the past couple of weeks, enjoying summer and everything it has to give. It’s been a bunch of traveling, spending time with friends, chilling with the fam, and mostly taking a huge break from cooking.

(I do miss my kitchen though. Just a little bit.)

It’s time for another 2 Weeks Of, though. This time, we’re doing…

goodbye summer

What brought this up? Well, today I woke up and this was the view from my bed:

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Pretty view, right? But see those clouds? They’re dark. And the weather? Chilly. I needed a gosh darned sweater.

Still sleepy, I pawed at my iPad until I had the calendar open, and much to my surprise (shock, horror, disgust), it’s already the 4th of September.

Do you know when Summer officially ends, dear reader? 21st of September. 21st of SEPTEMBER! This September! I have a little over two weeks of my favorite season.

This means I have a little over two weeks of my favorite season left. Two brief weeks.

(Still, in shock, I need a second to process, honestly.)

Which brings us to…

2 Weeks Of: Goodbye Summer

AKA my coping mechanism. I gotta say goodbye to summer and I have 2 weeks to do it, so I figured I’d bring you along. Because I shouldn’t suffer… I mean have fun alone!

During the next two weeks, I’m going to go over my favorite things about the summer, as well as doings things for the last time. Expect summer activities, easy on the go recipes, movie reviews, and a tearful goodbye to my favorite summer clothes (oh my dresses, I will miss them so).

Tune in Wednesday for the first chapter where I say goodbye to my summer books (yes, that was an intentional pun, and no, I don’t regret it).

Gosh, I read some kickass books this summer, I can’t wait to share them with you.

See you then!


Sara A.


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