2 Weeks Of: Fall Foods

Fall has begun. (Church bells ring, crows croak, leaves rustle on the ground.)

Technically, Fall began a couple of weeks ago. (Shock, horror.) But since my vacations rang long this year, only now that I’m back home do I really feel the season down to my bones.

It’s chilly, y’all. Which can only mean one thing…

fall food

(I’m terribly excited.)

The next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing with you my favorite Fall recipes, which include:

1. Spicy Beverages

Goodbye chilly fruit juices, hello warm spicey beverages!

During Fall, temperatures fall enough that hot beverages start feeling like godsends, and what better to warm you right up than some good old spices?

2. Jams

Also known as the best way to eat summer fruits during winter time, as a delicious sweet spread.

3. Soups (and the additions that make them pop)

Is there anyone that doesn’t eat soup every day during Fall? If you’re thinking that soup is too bland, then stick around, because I have some tricks that can make even the most tasteless soups into fulfilling meals.

4. Roasts

If you ask the men in my family, roasts are a year-round dish, but the reality of the facts is that during summer, it’s just too warm to turn on the oven long enough for the meat to roast well. During Fall, though…

Bring on the meat! (And my favorite spice rubs!)

5. Apples

For some reason, apple dishes are very popular during Fall. Wait, is Fall apple season? Do apples even have seasons? ‘Cause they’re available year long at the supermarket.

(Brb, googling.)

Alright, apparently, apples do have seasons! It depends on the type of apple, as well as the location, but where I’m at (Europe) they apparently start being harvested in August and finish in November. The more you know!


Are you excited about this season’s food? I know I am! See you Wednesday for the first taste.


Sara A.




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