2 Weeks Of: 2017 Fall Movies

Goooooood Morning World! (Did anyone else read this in Robin William’s Good Morning Vietnam voice or was it just me?) How does this fine Monday find you?

I’m fine and dandy and ready for my brand new 2 Weeks Of, which will be…



Once upon a time, many years ago, I wanted to go to Film School. I’ve been fascinated by storytelling since I was a tiny kid and being apart of the movie-making process will probably always be an unfulfilled life dream.

However, real life won against the dream, and 18-year-old me marched herself straight into Law School without looking back. I don’t regret anything, but my love of film never really faded, and every year when Fall begins and the new crop of decent to good movies appears I am energized.

This year, I’m going to share my energy and opinions with you. Here’s what we’re going to discuss during the next two weeks:

  • 2 Comedies (non-sequels, non-blockbusters);
  • 2 Superhero Movies;
  • 2 Book Adaptations;
  • 1 Children’s Movie;
  • 1 Addictive Caramel Popcorn Recipe.

I’m not me if food isn’t involved, but trust me, that popcorn recipe is one of the most delicious things I make and the reason I’m able to bribe my friends into letting me pick the movies. (I’d argue my superior taste should be the reason I get to pick, but whatever. I’m surrounded by philistines.)

Does this sound good? It’s been a while since I’ve watched so many movies in so little time, and I can’t wait!


See you on Wednesday for my first review: an in-depth look into 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express and how well it fares against the previous versions.


Sara A.


P.s. I didn’t forget about 2 Weeks of Madeira, but the amount of raw footage I had was slightly overwhelming, so I had to postpone it. Expect my first 2 Weeks Of Travel to occur sometime in the new year.


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